Vibrational Sound Therapy A Valuable Tool for Healing Bipolar Disorder

Vibrational sound proved to be an invaluable discovery when I used my body as a testing ground to completely cure treatment-resistant rapid cycling bipolar disorder. And, I am pleased to report that vibrational sound therapy has also been instrumental in assisting my clients who suffer from mania, depression and the anxiety that these conditions often bring. I am well aware of what sounding can achieve. And yet, because my understanding of sound healing is a result of experience rather than cognitive knowing, I find this type of vibrational therapy difficult to explain.

Despite this shortcoming, I will do my best to convey what I have gleaned from one tidbit of basic science and that which I have witnessed as a vibrational sound practitioner. Science courses I suffered in years gone by taught me that there are elementary particles in atoms (that make up the molecules that make up all that exists) and that these particles carry charges that emit energy which vibrates at particular frequencies. I believe that these frequencies are affected by vibrational sound. Our physical bodies which are comprised of these energy filled atoms are interconnected to the emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies. Hence, I contend that when we state particular intentions for healing imbalances and we add sound frequencies, change manifests throughout all of the bodies because of the impact that sound has on the atomic structure of our beings. Energetic imbalances such as bipolar disorder can be caused by a combination of genetic predisposition, trauma, repressed emotions, core belief systems, imbalanced brain chemistry, physical disease and other culprits.

My own healing process taught me that when a brain disorder occurs, the faulty electrical circuitry that adversely affects brain chemistry can be realigned with vibrational sound. The way this works is that the vibrational frequencies (which are of a Light-high vibration) go into the areas in crisis (which are of a dark-low vibration) and they heal the imbalanced spots within the brain chemistry with the higher vibration. It's like switching on a light in a dark room whereupon the dark is no longer able to "survive." The reason I suggest that Light has the ability to transmute the density (or dark) is best explained by what the 17th Century Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, discovered and called "entrainment." The principle of entrainment basically states that less powerful vibrations from one source will align with more powerful vibrations from another (Leonard, 2006).

According to George Leonard (2006), this occurs because "nature seeks the most efficient energy state and it takes less energy to pulse in cooperation than in opposition" (p. 23). So, if we consider the Light vibrations to be "the most efficient energy state," and we believe that any thing less powerful than Light energy will ultimately move into "cooperation" with or align with the Light, we can more easily understand how Light can transmute the dark or more specifically?how sound vibrations can heal the biochemical imbalance that is known as bipolar disorder.

Perhaps it is easier to comprehend the ways in which sound affects us when we look at some everyday examples such as lullabies, movie soundtracks or any music that soothes, enlivens, incites or reminds us of someone or some other time. Certain musical instruments create sounds that change our moods and even move us to cry or smile or dance. These are all results of sound vibrations impacting our energetic systems. The vibrational sounds that I facilitate during my healings sessions are at best, bizarre . . .

well, beyond bizarre. You see, I never choose the sounds. I'm simply a conduit.

It feels like I merely stand by and watch while the sound vibrations come through me in a vast array of qualities and tones. Many are indigenous sounding. Some sound like whales and dolphins.

Others resemble what seem to be ancient Tibetan or Chinese languages. Often when I "sing" energies that feel to be ethereal high-frequency beings seem to thank me for my vocal chords as their sounds come through. At times I hear myself emit what could best be described as intergalactic communications in a low-budget science fiction film. When this occurs the frequencies are so high and so fast that my mouth nearly fails to move at the speed that these sounds require.

(Astounding really, for I am the quintessential fast talkin' New Yorker.) Years ago, I was beginning a phone session with a new client who upon hearing the initial sounds, inquired incredulously, "Did those noises come out of you?" I had to laugh. She did too, but she didn't hang up. In my opinion, the sounds are primordial language that people recognize on a soul level. I am impressed with those who do not consciously understand this, but still manage to trust in the healing properties of sound; those who refrain from "hanging up" despite the odd quality of the "songs." If you are struggling with bipolar disorder, perhaps you will find a way to trust in this type of experience and receive the biochemical healing that vibrational sound therapy can bring Reference: Leonard, G.

, (2006). The Silent Pulse: A Search for the Perfect Rhythm That Exists In Each of Us. Layton, Utah: Gibbs Smith.

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