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University Air Care

In choosing a medical school you want to strike a balance between the best schools and the realities of which schools you can get into. Medical school applicants often underestimate the competitiveness of medical admissions and apply to fewer schools than required to maximize success.

Medical School Search is a tool to let you see how your grades and MCAT scores compare to the average scores of students admitted to specific medical schools. Use it to get an idea of which schools your grades would be competitive at, and which schools are long shots.

There's no way around it: medical school is competitive! Many students do not get into med school the first time they apply. To be competitive as a med school applicant, undergraduate college students need to prepare themselves as best as they can. Here are some important steps to keep in mind:

•Take the medical school prerequisites

•Find a school with an excellent pre-med advising program

•Have a high GPA, especially in your pre-med classes and your major

•Volunteer in a medical area

•Get some research experience

•Do well on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

The medical school personal statement is best chance to sell you to the school admissions committee. If they're reading your personal statement it means you've probably cleared the initial numbers screen.

In the secondary application essay you have to show that you are a good fit at the specific school. For example, if the school requires a lot of medical student research, make sure you show how that interests you.

Getting into medical school is no mean task. Once you pass the academic qualifications necessary, you will be invited for personal interview.


Important Medical School Interview Tips:

•Carry your academic documents

•You would be directly pointed if they find out any discrepancies in the documents. May be like a lower grade in the initial classes. However try to highlight your next higher scores.

•Update them if you have done any research and try to explain them in brief. As it sometimes compensates and gives you the medical seat.

•Show if you are good at some extracurricular activities and have conducted/participated/organized some blood donation camps, etc

•Show them the good reasons of a medical career. Specify some best evidences or a philosophy.

•If given a chance then speak about the current issues on health, speak about controversies or issues related to health and its care, and however speak ethical issues. What is motivates them is your logical thinking.

•Try to gather information of world around you or what is happening around the world.

Actually, for major number of students medical school interviews would be worrying part of the process. Here we can suggest that in this process you need to be the best in presenting yourself. It would be your opportunity to present your skills, abilities, maturity levels, interest in achieving things and goals. Always remember the admission council would be very busy during the interview process show never waste time in discussing un-important things. As they would have a very short time to evaluate you.


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