Understanding Postpartum Hair Loss

While it may come as a surprise, it is not uncommon for women to experience postpartum hair loss. A new mother may be shocked to find she is experiencing excessive hair loss in the shower. She should find comfort in the knowledge that this type of female hair loss not permanent. .The symptoms associated with being postpartum and hair loss generally go hand in hand as the body has experience major traumatic changes. A woman's hormones go through major changes during pregnancy and immediately thereafter.

This radical increase in hormones has a direct impact on the health of skin cells, including hair follicles, thus leading to postpartum hair loss. This specific form of hair loss in women does not generally require treatment as a woman's hair growth will return to normal after hormonal levels are able to rebalance. Some women are especially sensitive when it comes to their hair and may want to take preventative measures to in order to hold hair loss down to a minimum. .Women who have thin hair before pregnancy may be especially concerned about postpartum hair loss and might want to take preventative action to avoid the condition.

The use of gentle brushing techniques accompanied by very gentle hair care products are some of the best ways to avoid excess hair loss. Pregnant women and those who have just given birth should be especially careful to avoid the chemicals involved in hair dying or perming. Hair loss after pregnancy is guaranteed to become worse if the hair is exposed to these damaging ingredients. Notably, there is not very much research detailing whether or not the chemicals in hair care products are damaging to babies. Yet another reason to stay away from these products altogether.

It is recommended that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding stay away from salons altogether as breathing in the chemicals from dyes may be just as harmful as topical absorption. Never negate the importance of a well balanced and healthy diet. If a woman is postpartum and hair loss is prevalent, a nutritious diet will not only contribute to the health of mom and her new bundle of joy, but will aid in reducing the amount of hair loss experienced. .

Many physicians recommend postpartum vitamin supplements which contain the minerals you need to maintain the highest level of health. The vitamins in your postpartum vitamin supplement will not only help to keep you and your baby healthy, but they will also help you to maintain a healthy head of hair. .

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