Treat Your OILY Skin Right

People with oily skin usually do not appreciate the shiny nose/forehead and greasy cheeks. On the positive side, the fact is that the oil is a built-in lubricant that will slow down the effects of aging. It is best to care for skin based on your skin type, it will make all the difference in the world. Cleansing In an attempt to dry-up the abundant oil that many people experience, they frequently use harsh, detergent-based soaps and astringents that are alcohol-based. These products can damage the skin over time, and may actually encourage oil glands to product more oil. Cleansers that are specially formulated for oily skin include oil-binding liquids or gel cleansers.

Using a cleansing cream, lanolin, and cocoa butter, should be avoided for oily skin. An extra mild pH-balanced cleanser with antioxidant and nutritive vitamins and botanicals that leave your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed is what you want to look for. Moisturizing For many it is possible that by not using harsh cleansers, there is no need for a moisturizer. But if you feel you COULD use a moisturizer, be sure to find one that contains humectants (ingredients that attract and hold water), such as glycerin and sodium pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid (PCA). This combination of ingredients, trap water in your skin without producing a greasy shine. Also, use a moisturizing lotion rather than cream, because they are lighter and contain less oil, so they won't clog the pores.

Lotions are made with more water, opposed to creams that are made with more oils. Cosmetics Oil-free and water-based foundations are preferred because they won't add extra oil to the skin. Some products actually soak-up excess oil. They are termed oil-blotting foundations and powders. Blusher should be a powder rather than a cream.

Protection from the Sun All skin types need to be protected from the damaging rays of the sun, but people with oily skin may want to opt for oil-free sunscreen. There is no added oil, which may cause breakouts. In summary, - DO use a specially formulated cleansing gel or oil-binding liquid cleanser - DO use lotions, rather than creams, to cleanse the skin - DO use lotions, rather than creams if you choose to moisturize your skin - DO protect your face/neck/chest form the sun by using oil-free sunscreens - DON'T attempt to counteract the skin's oil by using a harsh cleanser or astringent - DON'T use oil-based make-up.

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