Top Causes Of Female Hair Loss

There are many people today who still believe that only men can suffer from hair loss. Yet research has now shown that one in four women are also likely to suffer from some form of hair loss at some point during their lives. Below we will take a look at the three most common reasons as to what causes hair loss in women around the world today. 1.

Female Pattern Baldness - This is the most common of all the kinds of hair loss that women are going to suffer from and is the exact same type that men suffer from as well. The main reason why a woman will suffer from this kind of hair loss, known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is that their body is reacting adversely to male hormones. What happens is that testosterone, which women have small amounts of in their bodies, converts into DHT, which then affects hair growth. Although female pattern baldness may start later in life for a woman, and not be as extreme as in men because of the female hormones they have, it is still the same condition as that which men suffer from and is known as male pattern baldness. 2.

Telogen Effluvium - This is the second most common type of hair loss problem for women today. But it is different from the above mentioned as rather than hair being lost completely from the scalp; this will cause hair thinning. In a large number of cases where women suffer from this particular hair loss condition, it is because they have suffered some kind of traumatic event in their lives. This will usually have placed considerable stress on their body, which has prevented hair from growing normally.

Women who become pregnant may often be shocked to notice that their hair begins to thin after child birth. Once things start to settle down, it can normally be expected that hair growth will resume as normal. 3. Alopecia Areata - This is the 3rd most common type of hair loss women can suffer from today. But rather than the problem being localized and affecting one particular area of the scalp, this one results in hair loss on various different parts of the scalp.

The women who are most likely to suffer from this particular hair loss complaint are those whose immune system is not working properly. It is a very common occurrence when women are undergoing some form of treatment such as chemotherapy. Normally however once treatment ceases and the immune system becomes re-established then hair growth begins once more.

However, for some women it can be so severe that there are no chances of hair growth happening at anytime. The information that we have provided you with above will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of what causes hair loss in women today. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you may be suffering from one of the above, it is important that you start looking into ways of preventing hair loss and re growing your hair.

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