The Importance of Saliva Drug Testing in the Workplace

Every organization strives for a healthy and conducive workplace. To protect yourself and your employer, extra steps such to ensure a safe work environment includes constant monitoring of your employees' capabilities. Saliva drug testing is indeed a first step recourse to make sure that every member of the workforce counts. Saliva drug testing and the advantages it brings make it an appropriate tool for determining the health of your workforce. Few drug dependent employees can be very harmful in sensitive service sectors such as health services, construction, and manufacturing industries.

The difference between a healthy and drug-impaired employee is a fine line between accidents in construction sites, factories, hospitals. Aside from the danger posed to the next employee, someone who is under the influence of drugs is also more prone in damaging highly sensitive equipments that is important for your company to function. Saliva Drug Testing in the Workplace Saliva drug testing is known as a "current use detector" for corporate officers who want to monitor on-site drug use.

The ability to know employees under the influence of drugs decreases accidents that could likewise be very damaging to the integrity and morale of your company. As an example, sluggish operation in construction sites can cause sloppy work. In projects where every joint of the architecture is important in the stability of constructed buildings, it is critical to have fully functional employees.

Knowing the current health status of your employees as they work through saliva drug testing in the workplace is an urgent solution in the current operational structure of your company. Workplace drug testing in this case not only serves as a cost optimizer in the long run, but also prevents immediate danger. Saliva drug tests are easy to use and non-invasive as a form of drug monitoring. Saliva drug tests are difficult to adulterate since oral fluid samples can be taken under supervision. At the same time, its limited time window of 1-2 days gives an idea if the employee is currently under the influence of drugs. In this way, they could be pulled out of any sensitive tasks that they are working on, ensuring less frequent accidents.

On-site drug testing is very important in construction sites and manufacturing plants. Saliva drug testing is a deterrent for employees who take drugs before they go to work. This solves a bridge for employers to determine not only if their employees have history of drug problems, but also serves as a tool to verify the current capability of the workforce. Thus, for current drug monitoring and on-the-job evaluation, saliva drug testing is the most effective method with its ease of use and availability of results.

Article writes by Lena Butler, TestCountry Drug FAQ, a longer version is located at The Importance of Saliva Drug Testing in the Workplace, and resources from other home health and wellness testing sources are used such as Employee Drug Testing Program

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