The Evolution Of Disability Aids

As if disability aids could not be more impressive for allowing people with disabilities to live a more independent life, that they have produced newer ways of improving devices and introducing new mobility aids. These have also become more affordable over the years as more people have become aware of the need for these aids, to live their own life without external assistance. From mobility scooters down to devices that help you to eat with your knife and fork, have made a massive difference in improving lives.

Some of the disability aids include easy grip products and tools, for people to use gardening tools more easily, special magnifiers to aid, talking watches in reading and specially designed pens for easy gripping. This is just a handful of what is readily available for people in need of the products, some of which can be found in shops and retail outlets. Many of these will need to be ordered and delivered from specialized agencies and companies.

When buying products like these you will need to make sure that there is guarantee for the entire product, as this will help you maintain it for long lasting usage. You will need to locate a local repairs establishment that is specialised in restoring disability and mobility aids, should you buy a product that does not include a manufacturers guarantee.

However, it is advisable to stick to finding a one with a full manufacturers guarantee, with all the details of claiming should there be any damages.

The types of mobility and disability aids available are things like accessories for the wheelchair or scooter, which may include bags, oxygen holders, cup, covers, capes, gloves and garages. For personal hygiene, uses there are available waterproof bedding, a range of commodes and toileting aids, washable seat/bed pads, raised toilet seats and continence care products. The continence care products include wipes, pants, pads and urinals for both men and women.

Simple products can include two-handed mugs, cutlery that have soft handles, specially designed dishes (plates, bowls, glasses and food guards), key turners, and electric graters, tap turners, kettle tippers, pill dispensers and pillbox reminders. The list is endless for people looking to find that extra something to make their life a little easier, using these products are just as easy as installing them. However, some products may require a professional to install them properly such is kettle tippers and tap turners.

When purchasing new disability aids you must enquire about their usage, longevity and the installation procedure.

You can install some if it is simple to do; however, many will require someone else to install them into your homes. This should be done with no extra charge so you can enquire into this procedure.


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning is an expert on disability aids having worked for a company that sold new products. For more information visit

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