The Dht Myth

Many people believe a myth that DHT, the hormone that causes hair to thin and fall out, is produced from testosterone. Although many people believe that DHT is caused mainly by testosterone, the hormone is actually caused by excess estrogen in the body. We need to know what the root cause of this excess estrogen is to stop the balding. The main cause behind the extra estrogen comes from toxins. You may not know that toxins are everywhere in your life nowadays, and you take them in your system every time you eat foods with preservatives and additives.

Even the air you breathe has toxins in them. You need to eliminate these toxins to stop the increasing estrogen and remove extra DHT production. What to do: Doing this will allow you to block extra DHT and estrogen production in your body. Now you need to eliminate the existing DHT hormones that are you in body, or you'll lose hair again, because although you helped your body block the extra hormone production, you still have DHT in your body.

Below you'll find the most suitable method for your condition, which will keep going on to damage your hair scalp and cause your hair to fall out on your pillow and in the house every night. Everyone has seen those hair loss cure product commercials on the TV and on the internet. Some are more expensive and others, and most don't work as they claim, while some are "real jewels in the rough." What you need to do is get a hair loss product that is proven to work. You can find these products by looking at recommendations online.

Make sure you get a product that doesn't have chemical ingredients in them, because you want to naturally remove the DHT in your body. The product website will tell if the product only uses 100% natural ingredients. And also watch out for those products that can have ingredients that are either contaminated or ineffective. Some blend formulas are just better than others.

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