The Connection Of Stress And Weight Loss

Stress and weight loss have been deeply connected with each other. There have been studies which suggest that stress and weight are interconnected. Studies suggest that when people tend to accumulate stress, two things may happen, either you lose weight or you gain weight.

The bad news though is that instead of being able to lose weight, the tendency for many is to add extra pounds. Perhaps many of you wonder how come people tend to gain weight when in fact one is under stress.
The explanation given by many of those who studied stress and weight loss is that a common reaction to stress by many people is to cope up with stress by eating.

As result of stress, they tend to increase their food intake. Eating has been seen by many people who undergo stressful situation as a way or channel to vent their emotions. Some may say that it is their way to channel their stress and satisfy their appetite for food.

After eating and being satisfied or fulfilled, they take a nap to avoid thinking of their stressor. The result of this is being fat, as many would call it the pig syndrome or eat and sleep routine.
Some scientists point out that stress and weight loss has a natural cause and effect relationship.

This may be part of our body natural check and balances. When our body is under stress, the body produces the hormone called cortisol to the blood stream. The increase in cortisol raises the blood sugar level as well as the appetite. So when you are under stress, it is actually the body natural reaction to crave for food as comfort. As we eat to relieve our stress, our fats deposit in our abdominal area and other parts of the body. Due to the fact that we are under stress, our body is not as active and often times, our comfort is to rest our body after we eat and the result again is the accumulation of fats.

So the relationship of stress and weight loss is inversely proportional. The more stress you have, the more likely that you will gain weight. Due to this, what you should do is to avoid stress to control your body weight or loss weight.

If you think so much, the more likely that you will need to eat more and weight more.
Also, to remind all of you, stress does not only cause weight but it can also cause you to develop complicated illness such as heart problems or even the slightest wrinkles in your face.


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