Stopping the Hair Loss Process

Stop hair loss! Have mercy on your hair, they do not want to fall off your head just like that. Most people would become fret once they see their thinning glory and they would blame it to his genetic structure, poor genes they are being blamed for something that they do not do. Although hair loss has something to do with genetic structure of the body especially when it runs on your family, you can not right ahead blame them for your fateful condition. Sometimes, they may not even be the reason at all! Blame it to your poor diet and low exercise.

Study shows that there is a strong connection between hair loss and the lack of B-Complex vitamins. In this world where everything has to deal with preservatives and unknown process of food preparation, most of the food that we eat had been stripped with their necessary nutrients even before they could reach our stomach. Take the example of whole grains which includes rice and wheat, although it is a known fact that they are high in B-Complex, still they are first processed even before they are sold on the market which do nothing but get rid of its vital nutrients. Moreover, households would most likely over steam their vegetables when cooking for the fear of consuming insecticide which had been sprayed on the plants, this common household process often removes B vitamins since they are water-soluble.

Moreover, the problem is further complicated by western practice of having a diet which is heavy in sugar, white flour, and refined grains. With this, the B vitamins that our body needs are often redirected to support the processing of these foods rather than enter into our system to nurture our bodies. To stop hair loss, you must as well stop consuming foods rich in caffeine, nicotine, grain alcohol as well as sugar. Once you ingest these chemicals into your body, they will absorb nutrients which are lacking from their own chemical structures which will leave your body deficient of those necessary nutrients. Moreover, it had also been established that they create an undesirable effect to the adrenal glands that will eventually deplete your body from its needed nutrients.

Worse, these chemicals would increase the androgens and hormones level as it cause the alteration the enzyme 5-alpha reductase to DHT that will on the other hand thwart the vasodilatation of papilla and end up with hair loss. You could as well stop hair loss by consuming foods less in cholesterol. With all these, you are probably convinced by now that it is not merely genetics that make the problem worse. Your diet has something to do with it so try to discipline yourself if you don't want to see your future you to wear wigs just to hide the problem. Stop hair loss by stopping yourself from overindulging on unworthy foods and chemicals. Try to exercise also at least twice a week for better result.

Overall, it can be summed up to disciplining yourself.

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