Skin Care Products for your Face

Products for the face are most probably the hot favourites and most sold skin care products in the market. This is mainly due to the fact that face is the most exposed part of the body, and it displays the overall health of the whole body. Facial products are usually used almost daily. Cleansers, Moisturizers, Toners and Exfoliators are the most commonly used products for skin-care for the face. Products for skin-care for the face can be classified into broad categories as below. 1.

According to Gender: There are specific and separate products for both men and women. 2 According to the type of skin: The products are formulated to be specially suited to normal skin, dry skin or sensitive skin. 3. According to Age: Every age group has its own skin maladies and therefore separate products to suit their skin types 4.

According to skin disorders: This field is best left to the doctors and dermatologists. There are many creams being prescribed today for the tereatment of eczema, acne etc. Before you choose a skin care product most suitable to your facial skin, you should determine what type of skin you have.

Whether it is dry, oily or normal. The type of skin normally also changes as you age. So the product which suits you today, may not suit you after a couple of years.

You may therefore have to change your face cream every couple of years. You can choose the skin care product for your face in the form of mask, gel, cream or lotion. You may choose the one which is most suitable for your type of skin, and with which you are most comfortable (some people consider lotions to be too gooey, others may find masks too tedious to put on at night). Many a times the products for skin care have a tendency to be allergic (especially so if you have a sensitive skin. So do test them for allergic reactions before actually using them. Apply a small patch behind your ear on the bare skin.

If there is no burning sensation for 24 hours, you may continue using it. An important point to keep in mind is that if you have a skin malady of any sort, do consult a skin specialist before using the product for skin care on your face. You should use the products for skin care with utmost care, and follow the instructions given for its use very closely regarding its quantity to be applied at one time.

Always apply it on a clean face after washing or cleansing it thoroughly with soap or cleansing lotion.

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