Only Aerobics Give You Energy

The fact is that even if you are into isometrics, isotonics or anaerobics, you still need to do aerobics for overall health and fitness. That is the reason why even body builders with their sculpted biceps and sharply-defined waists are advised to add aerobics to their fitness programme. That is also why specialised books on weight-lifting or abdominals always include running-on-the-spot or stairway climbing to burn off fat. There is no getting away from the basic truth - that you need oxygen to live to your fullest. Perhaps if the body had been fashioned in a way where it would have been able to store oxygen and release it as required, we wouldn't have had to exercise. But it is not.

,Its mechanics demand that oxygen be used immediately to create energy. Our natural breathing draws in enough oxygen to create sufficient energy to keep us alive and go through our daily routine. But we need more oxygen to go that extra mile without feeling fatigued. That is where aerobics comes in.

Don't you want to go that extra, mile? Don't you want to enjoy your leisure hours without feeling like a bleached whale? Don't you want to tap your maximum potential? Of course you do! You want that extra energy. You want to do more than just sit, sleep, move around, eat, digest. You want your life to extend beyond waking up, brushing your teeth, catching the train, climbing into your car, working in your office or at home. Without exercising, you can manage all these activities. Imagine how much more you could do by priming up your cardiovascular system! Essentially, your body is an energy machine.

It provides you with energy to get through the day. If you do not service it aerobically, you will begin to feel tired by noon or by evening. As the years roll by, your sedentary body will groan at the thought of any activity beyond the required minimum. And soon you find yourself saying, "I can't do things like I used to," or, "After all, I am older.

" Right? Absolutely wrong! If you could measure your stamina in a test tube, you would see its level dropping year after year. Not because it is a natural process of growing old, but due to the unnatural tendency of not replenishing that decreased stamina. Due to disuse, the lungs, heart, muscles and blood vessels lose their tone and elasticity. They cannot process oxygen like they used to. The so-called ageing process is mainly nothing but deterioration through disuse.

The logic of health and fitness is simple: Your body needs oxygen. Oxygen racing through every tissue oxidises the fuel and produces energy. Energy gives you stamina. To restore the oxygen-processing, energy-producing ability; your body needs regular aerobic activity. And that aerobic activity should be done 20 to 42 minutes, about four to five times a week.

Fortunately, there are several natural energy-producing activities to choose from. They are: Walking. Outdoor jogging. Indoor inchstepping. Cycling. Swimming.

It's time to move those muscles. It's time to get fit. In all probability, you are an averagely healthy person with no medical problems.

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