great ways to reduce stress in your life

Here are 15 great ways of reducing stress in your life. Some you will find work for you while others may be less appropriate depending on your circumstances. #1 Identify the real cause of your personal stress and write them down in a journal or diary.

#2 Make a note of things which cause you the most stress in your journal. Also record how you dealt with the event in question and how you might deal with it differently next time. #3 If you experience a stressful event, spend some time to reflect on what happened don't react immediately take a while to absorb and think things through to yourself. #4 Put things that have happened in the past to the back of your mind and allow your future to reflect your current decisions.You can't influence your past but you can change your future.

This fact alone will allow you to face situations with more confidence. #5 Don't assume that you'll fail if you do anything keep a positive frame on things in your life and this will help you cope with anything. #6 Don't assume you are alone having problems.Remember many people have less money than you, are not as well physically as you and need your help. Helping others can help you feel good about yourself.

#7 Slow deep breathing I find can help with lowering your stress levels. It helps create an inner calm and lowers your heartbeat. #8 When you are feeling a little over awed try admiring the good things in your life such as your garden, pictures, books, music even your children or partner. #9 Treat yourself to a warm bath, jaccuzi or even a massage with aromatherapy oils either do this at home or visit a spa .

Soft music and candles also help the mood. Maybe enjoy this time with a lover or a girlfriend. #10 As long as you know they respect your confidences speak to friends and family about what is bothering you. #11 Don't be loner when you are feeling low spend time out of the house with friends, family or your children. If you have the time some times a short family vacation or a romantic weekend away can help ease away built up stress. #12 Stay tidy - Make sure you keep your home your work space and your car tidy as this will help you feel positive about yourself and stop feeling your life is a mess.

#13 Should you have concerns about your health, wellbeing or even your sexual performance seek advice or counselling at an early stage your doctor will be happy to help. #14 What ever else don't end up feasting on junk foods and take aways. By eating the right foods you'll reduce your stress levels and stay healthy. Don't skip meals if work pressure stops you eating at meal times.

Just get food ready in advance and enjoy an occasional meal out with friends. #15 Always start the day off doing those tasks you least like first. This will get them out of the way.Get things done you've been putting off for days as rarely will you find they are as bad as you anticipate.

A good practice is to always get washed and dressed even on days off as it will boost your energy and enthusiasm. I put together these few tips to help many people deal with the stresses and daily rigours of life. However you might find you require additional help and if this is the case you should seek it sooner rather than later for your stress.

Are you seeking out stress cures or answers to the concerns and difficulties you are experiencing today? Well you need look no further try my take stress away recordings become rid of stress in just a few minutes from now. Results Guaranteed.

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