Decrease chance of dark spots

Dark skin, Blemish, dark spots are the top of women's skin problem because if they begin appear on you face, they will make feel nervous. There're many cause of dark spots such as genetic, cosmetic, women's hormone who be in Pregnancy or nearly go to the elderly and the another one main cause is sunlight. Many cause look hardly to avoid so we may keep important about sunlight!!! To avoid sunlight is really not hard thing to do, Just you begin to make yourself like a vampire. Don't even think to wait the dark spots appear on your skin and then find the solution to remove them but remember that 9.

00 am - 4.00 pm is the period that you should keep be aware to avoid sunlight as much as you can. (Anyway sunlight in the morning will have benefit to make Vitamin D in your body) Beside of this way, we still have other way to protect yourself, you should have sunscreen as a weapon to defense you from sunlight and you should use them before go outside about 15 - 30 minute to make your sunscreen can be more activate completely. You may choose sunscreen of high SPF if you plan to stay in sunlight for several hours or choose for sunscreen of low SPF if you plan to stay in sunlight for a few hours.

Sunscreen of higher SPF will have more intensive and expensive. - For people who have oiliness skin should choose sunscreen of SPF 15 - For people who have normal and dryness skin should choose sunscreen of SPF 30 - Prefer for lotion and cream type because oil type will have too intensive and expensive, for jell type will better but this type still be hard to produce and develop Even if spray will be easy to use but they still not have stability diffusion. Apply cream around eye circle is not the recommend thing to do because that area are very sensitive and cream will make you get irritation.

You can emphasize apply cream on your nose and cheek because these organ will face the sunlight directly. About your lip, you can use the lipstick that have ingredient of sun protection or wax. And for the bald head person should apply sunscreen on your head every 3-4 hours depend on sunlight intensive. For the person will have the very sensitive skin, you can test and choose the suitable sunscreen for your self by apply cream inside the part of your arms or behind your helix and wait for 24 hour to get the result, if there's no any abnormal thing happen on your skin so you can choose them. Or you can get consult with the doctor who have specialize in skin to give you recommend. If you just touch with sunlight, you shouldn't wash you face immediately because water can activate to do melanin changing reaction and on the other hand if you just wash your face , you shouldn't go outside to sunlight immediately also.

If there're any necessary to go outside you should find some dress that can cover all you skin , preamble for white color because this color can reflect sunlight and don't forget you sunglass Sunlight is a part of many causes of dark spots but if we can defense it, then we can decrease chance of dark spots as well!!!!! Copyright (c) 2008 John Nolan.

John Nolan

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