Common Acne Types

It may seem strange yet it is true that there are quite a few variations in the universal problem of acne. The menace of acne which bothers teenagers and makes people feel awkward due to the scars left by it even long after the teenage years can be of a number of types. However, the common causative of all these types is bacteria.

Mild or juvenile acne affects teenagers much. This is also often referred to as teenage spots. A lot of little papules and blackheads appear on a background of greasy skin. This, however, does not last for a prolonged period and disappears after perhaps a few months of appearance.

Then again these make reappearance after a short break. This type of mild acne is easy to treat. Scars are seldom formed from this acne type. The moderate form of acne is Acne Vulgaris. In this case the concentration of whiteheads increase and a greater number of papules develop.

This can well result from prolonged existence of mild acne and a severely oily skin. The ruptured blood vessels turn the spots affected by this acne red. This acne condition usually increases in the late teens or thereafter. Some few scars may appear in this case and over time the spots clear up. Then there are the severe acne types which can cause much suffering and embarrassment in a person's life. This can take a long time to heal and leave deep scars.

A specialist may need to be consulted for following the right treatment course while dermatologists' help may be called for to get rid of the scars. Acne Conglobata, a chronic and severe form of the moderate acne vulgaris, is a severe acne type. Here, there is the formation of deep pits in skin, inflammations, blackheads or open comedones and considerable deep and irregular scarring. Another severe acne type is Acne Fulminans. In this case a highly destructive inflammation appears suddenly with symptoms of severe and often ulcerating acne accompanied by fever, inflammation and aching of joints of especially the hips and knees. An unsuccessful treatment for Acne Conglubata may also result in the development of this condition.

Then again there is the Nodulocystic Acne in which cysts appear which may measure several centimeters in diameter. These cysts may occur singly or become widespread over face, neck, shoulders and various places and cause much pain and discomfort.

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