Acne Skin Care Im Not Just a Pretty Face

I admit I have a pretty and flawless face. People always tell me that I am beautiful and beauty queen material. Yes, I know that what they see is definitely true.

But my friends are the only people who know what my secret is that's why I never joined such competitions. I have pimples all over my back. I have this kind of problem since I was in junior high.

Now that I am about to graduate from the university I still have body acne. I was really frustrated in not joining beauty pageants because there are swimsuit competitions which need to bare some parts of the body. I know that I missed a lot of opportunities since my high school. I never joined the cheerleading team because of my problem.

I really loved joining but am afraid of what people may see. I am really ashamed of my skin's disorder. I did everything I could to eradicate the acne but the product I used usually fails.

And when I went to college I surrender my dreams on becoming a beauty queen and focused on my studies. I am taking up broadcast communication and I think I will be confident on television just with my pretty face and knowledge in broadcasting. With that I am not worried of my body acne. One of the managers asked me why I did not join beauty pageants since I have the face and the body. I told her that I have a secret and that's body acne. She told me there's a solution with that.

She recommended me the ZENMED Body Acne Combo. At first I was not convinced since I had a lot of failures before. But I told myself, why not try the product and I think that the manager is one reliable source.

I used ZENMED for at least 3 months and result is very surprising. My long years of agony with body acne are now over. I can now reveal my back and wear sexy clothes. I am really thankful to that product which made me more confident about myself. Because of that a friend told me, why not try joining a beauty competition since I do not have anything to worry about in my body.

And that decision was the most liberating decision in my life. My frustrated dream became reality. I decided to join a pageant and with poised face, the world saw the real me.

I revealed not only my physical attributes but also the confidence inside of me. Even though I didn't become a winner in the competition, I have proven myself that I can do the things that I really wanted. That confidence is really important in molding your character to lead you to success.

And now I am not just a segment producer with a pretty face but a flawless and dynamic beautiful lady. And I learned that people should never lose hope in their life. If you encountered such problem like mine, I suggest that always be positive and be confident about yourself and everything will be in the right place.

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